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Enrich your holiday with a cooking course and sit down to taste what your hands have produced, go through the woods to collect clay and then work it, visit the cellars of the Collio Friulano or the nearby Veneto, collect and process herbs or berries, taste the wines from our cellar, approach the world of synergistic agriculture and much more.

The value of well-being


Harmony and
well being

We want to help you bring physical and mental well-being back into focus, supported by professionals who will guide you on a path built to meet your needs


Physical activity, excursions and proposals that will immerse you in the splendid nature that surrounds Da Febo. Wellness itineraries that combine a sauna, a hot tub with the landscape to which we are intimately connected.

To find out costs and offers, write to us at


Tour in e-Bike 

Abbiamo una guida e le e-Bike per fantastici

tour guidati nella stupenda val Tramontina

anche per gruppi fino a massimo 20 persone

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