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Calcine path (road from Lis fornas)

Journey time 3h
Simple difficulty

The 5500 m long route is suitable for families and begins at the picnic area of Tramonti di Sopra; here is the first lime kiln, and beyond a pine forest you get to Casa Titol and then Casa Curs. After crossing a hardwood forest you reach Pradiel, surrounded by a large area of meadows and from where you have a beautiful view of the Ropa Buffon, Giavons and Fràscola mountains. A dirt road towards Frassaneit takes you to the bridge over the Rio Celestia; a detour descends briefly to reach the old mill now restructured and the remains of a furnace.

Returning to the bridge, take the mule track that descends to Casa Roppa and continue until you reach a traditional furnace. Return to the municipal road for Frassaneit and take the path that climbs to Ciuculat and then to the Comugna and Durisia kilns, the latter being one of the most interesting, well-preserved and probably the oldest. Once you reach Casa Abis through a thermophilic hardwood forest (hornbeam and flowering ash), continue to Predacies (where there are the remains of the homonymous furnace) and then return to the village or to the picnic area.

Along the path there are rest stops from which to admire the panorama of the Val Meduna and consult the illustrative panels on environmental, naturalistic, forestry and socio-cultural issues.

Text taken from Tramonti di Sopra The colors of the Val Tramontina written by A. Titolo and published in 2009 by the Municipality of Tramonti di Sopra


Trail to Tamar and Palcoda
Walking time to Tamar 1h 20m

Going beyond the hamlet of Comesta, in Tramonti di Sotto, you reach the no-traffic area near which you can park your car. From here, through the forest track or the path, you reach the village of Tamar with the Bivacco Varnerin. For those who still have energy, they can continue towards the village of Palcoda following the CAI path 831. Here they can find shelter in the old church, now renovated, note the splendid door that guards it.


Path to the Fontanon dal Toff

length 5800 meters

Descend from the road and take the CAI trail sign n.829 which gently loses altitude on the orographic left of the Viellia torrent. We are walking along what was the original road that climbed from Tramonti di Sopra to the Rest pass. A double row of dry-stone walls soon signals the arrival at Plan di Macan (458 m) where the flocks stopped to rest before tackling the ascent to the pastures. Here you ignore the main mule track that descends towards the stone bridge over the Viellia (worth the short detour to visit it) and turn left following the CAI signs. You cross a chaotic bush which hides the remains of the Macan houses together with numerous stone fences and a basin. At the next crossroads (signs) leave the CAI n.834 on the right and continue left for Sopareit e Valcalda. Thus you begin to climb with a few turns in the forest at the bottom of the valley, gradually entering the valley of the Malandrai stream. Just over 600 meters above sea level, pay attention to a crossroads to the right marked by a few red dots. This is the point where you leave the CAI 829 for good and turn right going down slightly into the woods for about ten minutes until you reach the ruins of the Malandrai houses (602 m). The path continues to the right of the houses, soon reaching a sideways plane overlooking the gorge of the Malandrai stream. After passing a corner, continue halfway up the slope to the point where the path overlooks the bed of the stream. With a steep descent, leaning against the wall, you thus reach the banks of the Malandrai stream that you now need to wade to continue (the ford could be problematic in case of abundant water flow). Once on the other bank, follow the course of the stream and then climb sharply to go around some jumps at the top. Paying attention to some exposed points you gain height in the bush finally reaching the beautiful waterfall located under the exit of the cave of the Fontanon dal Toff (about 640m). The shape of the wall and the height of the jump have created an evocative and unusual spectacle for these places, with the water that reaches the base of the jump in a radial pattern, divided into numerous rivulets. For the return, the same itinerary will be used as the outward journey.

Entrance to the Fontanon cave from Toff (EE, torch required)

The visit to Fontanon del Toff can be said to be complete only if it also includes entry into grotto from which the waterfall originates. To access the cave, ford the stream that originates from the pool and go up on the left of the waterfall along a steep track which in a few minutes takes you right above the jump and then bends to the right (exposed) until you reach near the cave from which the water comes out. If the current permits, you can enter the grotto exploiting the outcropping rocks which however are quite slippery. Once inside it is possible to continue for a few meters between stalactites and rocky blades up to the bottom of the grotto.


Viellia valley loop

Length 17800 meters

Height difference 1400 meters

Journey time 9h

For the more experienced there is a ring that is right for you. 

Go up the valley until you reach and pass the village of Tramonti di Sopra. About one km after the last houses, at a marked bend in the road, the start of CAI path no. 377 can be seen on the left (454 m, sign, parking space).


Path to Frassaneit

Journey time 3h
Medium difficulty

Panoramic itinerary that crosses the abandoned village of Frasseneit along the Meduna stream and its emerald pools.

From Borgo Pradiel you enter the Canale di Meduna and with various ups and downs you reach the bed of the stream. 

From Borgo Pradiel you enter the Canale di Meduna and with various ups and downs you reach the bed of the stream. After passing the beautiful waterfall on the Rio Fisar, one cannot be impressed by the large pools of the Meduna whose waters are emerald in colour. Continuing through the mixed forest of pines and hornbeams you come across the houses of Frasseneit, with the renovated school as a shelter/support point. The CAI path no. 393 continues lowering itself towards the bed then, having regained altitude and bypassed the entire southern slope of Cima Zuviel, it reaches the top of the large dam of Ciul lake.
Continuing another hour on the flat path along the lake you reach the new footbridge which allows you to cross it safely. Beyond each route requires training and mountain experience.


Tarcena stream

Leaving the town of Tramonti di Sotto towards Meduno, after the Pro loco celebrations area, turn left onto the forest track that runs alongside the stream. Park your car and start the ascent of the Tarcenò… you will come across various pools, beaches and waterfalls where you can spend regenerating moments of relaxation.

Chiarzò and Ombrena torrent

On the road that leads from Lake Redona to Campone, you will find signs for the hamlet of Ombrena on the right. Park your car on the road to Ombrena and look for the path that descends towards Chiarzò. You will arrive in a very special place where you can take breathtaking dives and slide directly into the pool from the rocks smoothed by the stream.

From the old mill to the waterfall.

Arrive in Campone and head to the old mill (where we grind our special polenta). From here go up the Chiarzò. You will come across pools and beaches of all kinds in a truly enchanting setting. Continuing for about an hour and a half, shortly after the fascinating introduction of the Rio Nero into the Chiarzò, you will find yourself in front of the Pisulat: a splendid and thunderous waterfall with a drop of 15 meters that will leave you speechless.

Viellia torrent

Head towards Tramonti di Sopra and park your car on the right at Chiavalir. Under the double bridge you will come across a series of crystalline pools set between pebble beaches and smooth rocks from which to dive. Since this place is rather closed, it is sunny only in the central hours of the day.

The Emerald Pools

Along the path that from Tramonti di Sopra leads to the Ciul dam, after a 10-minute walk you will be presented with an incredibly beautiful scenery. You have arrived at the emerald pools, unmistakable for their color and not surprisingly considered the second most beautiful location in Italy by the author of the book Wild swimming Italy, Michele Tameni. It is a very open and spacious place, ideal for spending a whole day perhaps bringing something to eat and a good book to read.

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Below I report the links with the maps that you can download to be able to venture through la Val Tramontina




Below you will find the contacts to try the breeze of "tandem" flight Together ad a recommended instructor for beginners. Or for the more experienced to ask for information about itineraries that can be done from the launch pad of Mount Valinis in Meduno, which is only 12km away from us. We also provide shuttle service.

Sport estremo all'aperto



Val Tramontina offers plenty of opportunities for being outdoors, even adventurous ones. One of these is Canyoning and one of the most suggestive routes at European level is the Viellia torrent, this is a torrent for experts but the other tributaries (Chiarzò, Tarcenò, Selva and many others) of the Meduna river are excellent spots for apprentices.

Below is the link to be able to practice this discipline with a companion


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